Changelog summaries; for past changes check the github releases

2.1 (Planned)

  • new client module base class

2.0.1 (Next)

  • add --enable-notify flag to http server command to clarify systemd notify intent from user. #136

  • fixed systemd notify bug that caused it to crash


  • Dropped python 2 support

  • async http client use in discord module

  • api rewrite, optional v1 bridge class for old style compat w/ the class formerly known as pyborg’s new internals

  • discord server management commands

  • discord prefix configurable in discord.toml config. use key [discord][prefix] default is still !

  • new package depenency extras: nlp, subtitles, systemd, graphing (experimental/in development)

  • uses poetry for package lifecycle management

  • coverage reporting fixed

  • stronger tokenizer more tuned for internet text

  • mastodon toml config fields normalized to [pyborg][multiplex_server], [pyborg][multiplex_port]

  • PR #113 added optional random reply rate for discord module use [discord][reply_chance] in the discord.toml config.

  • PR #114 add option for supplying a nickserv password on irc use [server][nickserv_password] in your irc.toml config file.

  • PR #119 IRC modules gains support for supplying a server password; use [server][password] in your irc.toml config file.

  • PR #105 sub comamnd http uses the standardized --brain_name option now

  • systemd extra to support systemd service daemon notify in the http server.

  • new pyborg.pyborg.ExpermientalPyborg class. an api rework of pyborg.pyborg.pyborg

  • dropped 3.6 support for packaging reasons.


  • Added nickname plaintext pings in discord module.

  • 1.0 support (allows 3.7+ support in pyborg)

  • toml config files. They live in your pyborg conf folder and there’s one for most modules. And one for pyborg’s core options. These replace the old cfg files.

  • Proper python 3 deps in PEP508 compliant specifications in the This’ll make pypi installs easier on py3.